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Pearson Platforms / Blog / 2011 / 11 / A Pearson Tribute to Steve Jobs

A Pearson Tribute to Steve Jobs

by Pearson Learning Solutions
08 November 2011

It is nearly impossible to find an area of modern life that hasn't in some way been touched by the technology pioneered at Apple-from the ease with which we can turn vision into reality through a few simple clicks in an editing program, to the availability of so much inspiring music in tiny, downloadable bytes. And let's not forget about education. Thanks to the genius of Jobs, who shunned a formal education and dropped out of college, the students of today's world are more connected than ever before with their teachers and with each other-and the role of a teacher is evolving from someone who instructs in a classroom for a few hours a week on a specific subject, to a truly available and accessible mentor (in any form) whose wisdom and insights are accessible in countless forums and mediums. This is, perhaps the way it should be. Jobs' own education was not one derived from within the confines of a school, and the knowledge he absorbed came from the world around him and from the diverse people he met on his life journey.

The technology of Jobs' empire has opened the floodgates of education, providing access to the online world and beyond for many who are otherwise isolated. We're reminded of this by an article published in Florida in which a parent thanks Jobs for the impact his technology had on her son, an autistic child who, although he does not talk, uses Apple's iPad to communicate. "You have given us hope we thought we would never have." said the grateful parent.

It was Jobs' ability to legitimately challenge convention and dogmatic thinking that has made him an icon, and a legend. Apple has come to symbolize freedom of expression, the constant generation of ideas, and the awesome power of uninhibited learning. Jobs solidified the notion that we are all perpetually students and teachers in life. He gave us Apple and showed that we all have something very valuable to give each other…the proverbial apple.